welcome! Sterling's Student Life Ministry encourages youth (grades 6-12) to have an enriched life with Jesus Christ.
Our Childhood Ministry - Preschool - The Park, ages Birth to Kindergarten; Children- Kid's City, 1st- 6th Grade We want to welcome you to SBKIDS! Our goal is to make a difference in your life by - laying a strong foundation in your childs life for faith in Christ and christian growth. By building a Bible teaching partnership with you the parents. We seek to minister to the families of our children through prayer, home visits, phone calls, cards and assisting them in their spiritual growth. By providing a safe, clean, fun and loving environment where all children will have a quality learning experience in relationship to Jesus Christ. We seek to appropriately meet each childs developmental needs spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally and physically in a Christ like manner. By providing teachers who are growing in their walk with Christ and have a love for children. We earnestly desire to serve the Lord through personal Bible Study, an active prayer life, and following the call to serve others in the Childhood Ministry. We hope you enjoy your visit with us and you are welcome at any of our services. If you have any questions regarding the Childhood Ministry please call the Childhood Director at 618-397-4365.
No one escapes life unscathed by loss. While hurt and sorrow are normal reactions to tragedy, they do not have to be the final word in our lives. Because of Gods redemptive and restorative nature we see loss as an opportunity for growth, change and even victory to take place. Our desire is to encourage you to address the pain you find in lifes journey and to see God, who is capable of taking the wounds that threaten to destroy you and making them into something beautiful. Grace and Hope Ministries was founded in July 2009 following the heartbreaking murder of Cindy Winters husband Fred. Our mission is to help others discover Gods grace through a personal relationship with Jesus and find lasting hope regardless of whatever tragedy or circumstance experienced in life. On this website you will find a combination of resources, devotionals, reflections and other materials designed to support you. We pray that above all else you will sense the concern and care we have for you and especially that God has not left you alone.
Listener supported JOY99.1FM taps into today's Christian artists sharing the redemptive message of God's love through Jesus Christ in their music and testimonies. A faith based community in action. Listen on-line and check out the community service projects underway.